Communication Towers

Self Supported Hybrid Tower

Product Details:
  • Tower Type: Self-Supporting Tower
  • Height: upto 60 meters

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Self-Supporting Towers. Self-supporting towers are free-standing lattice structures. The use of self supporting towers with tapered sections, and face width that vary according to height and load capacity is recommended when land availability is limited PROVIDED that it is technically feasible to install them.These towers are well accepted by our client for the quality and performance.

Earthing and Lightning Protection

R.T.P (Normal)

The structure, in hot-dip galvanized steel, can be fixed directly to the roof by means of chemical anchoring systems. These tripods for rooftop mounting are designed to withstand an horizontal load are available in different heights. .

Self Supported Latics Tower

Product Details:
  • Tower Type: Self-Supporting Tower
  • Height: 15-120 Meter

We are manufacturer and supplier of an exclusive range of Communication Tower to the clients. These products are designed and fabricated in line with the technical, scientific and compact design specifications of the industry. The tower is made of reinforced concrete with a metal transmitter at the top and at least one observation deck about halfway up. Features: Robust Construction Reliable performance Durable

Power Interface Units SMPS

Single Dacker Cage

Product Details:
  • Size/Dimension: Customized
  • Brand: Safetower
  • Color: Customized

Single Dacker Cage is used below the tower for providing the protection to tower equipments.

Guyed Tower

Product Details:
  • Antenna/Tower Height: 15-120 Meters
  • Application: Any type of communication

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Guyed Towers. A Guyed Tower is a tall thin vertical structure that depends on guy lines or ropes for stability. The mast itself has the compressive strength to support its own weight, but usually does not have the shear strength to stand unsupported, and requires guy lines, diagonal tensioned cables attached to the ground, usually spaced at equal angles about its base, to resist lateral forces such as wind loads and keep it upright.

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